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C. F. Leyel Herbal Delights - Tisanes, Syrups, Confections, Electuaries, Robs, Juleps, Vinegars, and Conserves

“Herbal Delights” is an encyclopaedia of herbs and spices used to make tisanes, syrups confections, electuaries, juleps, vinegars, and conserves. Each herb is described in detail and coupled with information concerning its other names, habitat, parts used in herbalism, and more. This vintage book will appeal to those with an interest in herbs and spices, and it would make for a fantastic addition to culinary collections. Contents include: “Aromatic Tisanes”, “Cordial Herbs”, “Cooling Herbs”, “Refreshing Herbs”, “ Refreshing Herbs—cont.”, “Pot Herbs”, “Spices”, “Spices—cont.”, “Natural Perfumes”, “Cosmetic Herbs”, “Cosmetic Herbs—cont.”, “Witch Hazel”, “Strawberry”, “Quince”, “Lupins”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on herbalism.

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Suzanne DeJohn Herb Gardening For Dummies

A plain-English guide to the world of herb gardening Starting an herb garden isnt free, but it certainly outweighs the growing costs of buying retail herbs. Plus, adding homegrown ingredients to your meals is a healthy and tasty way to improve upon any dish you whip up at home. This friendly, hands-on guide is an excellent introduction to the world of herb gardening. It gives you tips and advice to grow a thriving herb garden that will add depth and flavor to home-cooked meals-as well as boost your health. How to choose, plant, and care for herbs Covers ready-made versus homemade soil mixes, starting plants from seeds, and other fundamentals How to prevent insects, pests, and diseases from invading your containers Over 30 herb recipes for everyday uses, including rubs, marinades, beauty products, and more Whether youre interested in getting step-by-step instructions for starting on your first herb garden or already have one and want to learn new tips and techniques, Herb Gardening For Dummies, 2nd Edition has you covered!

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Ralf Holthöfer Contract Law in Electronic Commerce

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This paper was written during my studies at Georgia State University, Atlanta in Fall 2000 in the context of an exchange program between Georgia State University and Technische Universität Darmstadt. Its subject is the new contract law in electronic commerce. The paper starts with an illustration of the situation of legal uncertainty prior to the establishment of a specific contract law in electronic commerce. Many laws governing contract formation were drafted before the existence of electronic messaging and did not adequately address the challenges of electronic transactions. Furthermore, electronic transactions were often hindered by the diversity of state laws. This situation was considered to place some severe legal obstacles to the development of electronic commerce. In 1997, President Clinton and Vice President Gore unveiled their „Framework for Global Electronic Commerce.” This issue defined the main goals for the future development of both domestic and global electronic commerce. The general objective was to establish a „Uniform Commercial Code” for this ascending sector of commerce in order to facilitate and enforce electronic transactions. The legislative efforts to achieve those goals recently resulted in two uniform acts, the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-sign Act). The paper deals with th...

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Catherine Crowley 101. Recipes from the Herb Lady

Cooking with flavor! Over 150 recipes, plus tips and history on herbs and spices from Catherine, The Herb Lady of Herbs 2 U. Low fat/low salt, meatless and flavorful ideas for adding taste to your meals without relying exclusively on salt and fat. Interested in growing your own herbs? Check out "Edible Landscaping in the Desert Southwest: Wheelbarrow to Plate" for gardening help, monthly planting calendar and recipes.

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Stephen Vincent O`Rourke The Herb Alpert File

The Herb Alpert File- The first ever biography of the great entertainer. From an unexpected Gold Record in 1962 on to his induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in the 21st Century- Herb Alpert has had a unique tale to tell...Now for the first time ever, a book pieces together the highlights and career of one of America's top entertainers! The Herb Alpert File provides the facts, figures and history of this long overlooked chapter in American music history. A multi-Grammy winner, dynamic executive and member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Alpert is the embodiment of the American dream. The Herb Alpert File finally provides the general reader with a chapter long overlooked in the annals of American pop culture.

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Sea Herbal Beauty Masks Mask Vanilla for dry skin Маска красоты на основе морских трав для сухой кожи «Ваниль» Кристина

Christina, Sea Herbal Beauty Masks Mask Vanilla for dry skin Маска красоты на основе морских трав для сухой кожи «Ваниль» Кристина, 60 мл

Christina, Sea Herbal Beauty Masks Mask Vanilla for dry skin Маска красоты на основе морских трав для сухой кожи «Ваниль» Кристина, 250 мл

Zahra Jeirani Thermodynamic Investigation of Wax Precipitation

It is evident that almost any form of solid deposition in facilities and pipelines during the production and processing of oil and gas has undesirable economic and operational effects. These precipitating solids can be any one of pure solids, hydrates, waxes, asphaltenes, scales, or any mixture of them. The wax crystals are one of the most common and problematic solids. Wax precipitation can occur for gas condensate, light oil, and heavy oil fluids at temperatures as high as 338.7 K, and therefore it makes this study essential for oil and gas industries. In this book, the wax precipitation from various oil and gas is studied, using a modified multisolid- phase thermodynamic model. In addition, this book presents two and three phase equilibrium calculations to estimate the amount of the wax precipitated and the wax appearance temperature. Furthermore, the effects of pressure and temperature on the wax formation for both crude oil and gas systems were investigated. On the whole, it covers various aspects of the subject, hence can be tailored for engineers and researchers both in universities and in oil/gas industries.

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Nair K. M. Advances in Electroceramic Materials II

During the past decades, understanding of the science and technology powering electronic materials has played a major role in satisfying social needs by developing electronic devices for automotive, telecommunications, military, and medical applications. This volume contains a collection of selected papers from the international symposia on Advanced Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices and Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics presented during the Material Science and Technology conference held in Pittsburgh in October 2009. It is a one-stop resource for academics on the most important issues in advances in electroceramic materials.

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Er-Ping Li Electrical Modeling and Design for 3D System Integration. Integrated Circuits Packaging, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity EMC

New advanced modeling methods for simulating the electromagnetic properties of complex three-dimensional electronic systems Based on the authors extensive research, this book sets forth tested and proven electromagnetic modeling and simulation methods for analyzing signal and power integrity as well as electromagnetic interference in large complex electronic interconnects, multilayered package structures, integrated circuits, and printed circuit boards. Readers will discover the state of the technology in electronic package integration and printed circuit board simulation and modeling. In addition to popular full-wave electromagnetic computational methods, the book presents new, more sophisticated modeling methods, offering readers the most advanced tools for analyzing and designing large complex electronic structures. Electrical Modeling and Design for 3D System Integration begins with a comprehensive review of current modeling and simulation methods for signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic compatibility. Next, the book guides readers through: The macromodeling technique used in the electrical and electromagnetic modeling and simulation of complex interconnects in three-dimensional integrated systems The semi-analytical scattering matrix method based on the N-body scattering theory for modeling of three-dimensional electronic package and multilayered printed circuit boards with multiple vias Two- and three-dimensional integral equation methods for the analysis of power distribution networks in three-dimensional package integrations The physics-based algorithm for extracting the equivalent circuit of a complex power distribution network in three-dimensional integrated systems and printed circuit boards An equivalent circuit model of through-silicon vias Metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitance effects of through-silicon vias Engineers, researchers, and students can turn to this book for the latest techniques and methods for the electrical modeling and design of electronic packaging, three-dimensional electronic integration, integrated circuits, and printed circuit boards.

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Saad Bashar Greco-Arab and Islamic Herbal Medicine. Traditional System, Ethics, Safety, Efficacy, Regulatory Issues

This book presents a systematic review on traditional Arab herbal medicine including historical background, medical innovations introduced by Arab physicians, common roots of Arab medicine and western medicine, methodology of drug discovery and therapy in Arabic and Islamic medicine, a state-of-the-art description of traditional Arab herbal medicine, and evidence-based safety and efficacy of Arab and Islamic medicines. The usage of modern cell biological, biochemical, in vitro and in vivo techniques for the evaluation of medicinal plant safety and efficacy is also discussed. The toxicity of herbal formulations safety, quality assurances, and chemical analytical techniques are introduced in this book.

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Colleen J. Shogan Stabbing in the Senate

Life is good for Kit Marshall. She's a staffer in D.C. for a popular senator, and she lives with an adoring beagle and a brainy boyfriend with a trust fund. Then, one morning, Kit arrives at the office early and finds her boss, Senator Langsford, impaled by a stainless steel replica of an Army attack helicopter. Panicked, she pulls the weapon out of his chest and instantly becomes the prime suspect in his murder. Circumstances back Kit's claim of innocence, but her photograph has gone viral, and the heat won't be off until the killer is found. Well-loved though the senator was, suspects abound. Langsford had begun to vote with his conscience, which meant he was often at odds with his party. Not only had the senator decided to quash the ambitions of a major military contractor, but his likely successor is a congressman he trounced in the last election. Then there's the suspiciously dry-eyed Widow Langsford. Kit's tabloid infamy horrifies her boyfriend's upper-crust family, and it could destroy her career. However, she and her free-spirited friend Meg have a more pressing reason to play sleuth. The police are clueless in more ways than one, and Kit worries that the next task on the killer's agenda will be to end her life. Book 1 in the Washington Whodunit series.

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Harry Cendrowski Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery

Explore the frontier of electronic discovery in the cloud Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery comprehensively covers the quickly-evolving realm of eDiscovery in cloud computing environments, a computing and legal frontier in which the rules and legal precedents are being developed anew seemingly by the day. The book delves into this fascinating and rapidly-developing topic to prepare fraud investigators, legal professionals, forensic accountants, and executives understand the ramifications of storing data with third party providers and how such storage mechanisms relate to the limits of discovery practices. This up-to-date resource also includes a complete discussion of the few existing legal precedents and current cases that are shaping interpretation of discovery laws in the cloud space, a perfect overview for executives storing their companies data in the cloud and the legal professionals tasked with understanding and interpreting the discovery rules surrounding that data. The book is comprehensive in scope and includes: An overview of current trends in cloud computing, including potential information that should be considered in an investigation that involves data held by a cloud service provider Updates on current and proposed laws governing discovery of information held by a third party cloud service provider Updates on legal cases that address the issues of the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, the Federal law prohibiting release of information by a third party provider Practical guidance on how to consider the availability of cloud data relevant to an investigation, and how to include this data in discovery plans For business, accounting, and legal professionals, Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery is an invaluable resource for understanding the nuanced development of cloud eDiscovery policies, practices, and law as they continue to unfold and develop.

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Leonard Brillson J. An Essential Guide to Electronic Material Surfaces and Interfaces

An Essential Guide to Electronic Material Surfaces and Interfaces is a streamlined yet comprehensive introduction that covers the basic physical properties of electronic materials, the experimental techniques used to measure them, and the theoretical methods used to understand, predict, and design them. Starting with the fundamental electronic properties of semiconductors and electrical measurements of semiconductor interfaces, this text introduces students to the importance of characterizing and controlling macroscopic electrical properties by atomic-scale techniques. The chapters that follow present the full range of surface and interface techniques now being used to characterize electronic, optical, chemical, and structural properties of electronic materials, including semiconductors, insulators, nanostructures, and organics. The essential physics and chemistry underlying each technique is described in sufficient depth for students to master the fundamental principles, with numerous examples to illustrate the strengths and limitations for specific applications. As well as references to the most authoritative sources for broader discussions, the text includes internet links to additional examples, mathematical derivations, tables, and literature references for the advanced student, as well as professionals in these fields. This textbook fills a gap in the existing literature for an entry-level course that provides the physical properties, experimental techniques, and theoretical methods essential for students and professionals to understand and participate in solid-state electronics, physics, and materials science research. An Essential Guide to Electronic Material Surfaces and Interfaces is an introductory-to-intermediate level textbook suitable for students of physics, electrical engineering, materials science, and other disciplines. It is essential reading for any student or professional engaged in surface and interface research, semiconductor processing, or electronic device design.

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Explore 2 in 1 vaporizer mod kit for wax and dry herb 2600mah herbal electronic. Повязка эластичный голеностопный сустав …

Купить Повязка эластичный голеностопный сустав модель 104 размер 1 (S/M) во всех крупных городах Украины. Заказывайте сейчас. Бесплатный ☎ 22-44. Call-Back ... (2) L/XL Состав: хлопок 72%, полиамид 11%, латекс 17%

Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-Pro 200 Set (58357) - Яндекс.Маркет

От 2 132,00 р. до 3 529,00 р.<br />Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-Pro 200 Set (58357) — купить сегодня c доставкой и гарантией по выгодной цене. 7 предложений в проверенных ...

Купить Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-200 Set (58331) по ...

Rating: 4 - 13 votes - RUR 1,150.00 to RUR 2,164.00<br />Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-200 Set (58331) — купить сегодня c доставкой и гарантией по выгодной цене. 10 предложений в проверенных магазинах.

Скачать portable интернет-браузеры, не …

В данном разделе собраны программы, предназначенные для серфинга в сети интернет ...

AKG 712 PRO vs Fostex TH-600, помощь в выборе …

Страница 1 из 2 - AKG 712 PRO vs Fostex TH-600, помощь в выборе - отправлено в Наушники для дома: Доброго времени суток. Собственно, долгое время я пребывал в унынии, слушая бюджетные варианты наушников со ...

LIONCASH.RU - Кейсы с деньгами!

Лучший сайт кейсов с деньгами в СНГ. Новые мини-игры. Сервис быстрого заработка денег.

Чехлы на автомобильные сидения, пошив на …

Сообщаем о появлении в базе новых лекал авточехлов для автокресел Toyota Prius A в кузове 2011-2014 г.в. Комплект авточехлов подойдет на 5-местную комплектацию салона.

Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-200, 185х94х41 см 58330 - 780 руб ...

58330 INTEX Надувная лодка EXPLORER-200 вмещает 1 взрослого человека и 1 ребенка. Подходит для рыбалки и прогулок по небольшим речкам, ...

Надувная лодка Intex Explorer PRO - 200, 196х102х33см 58356 ...

58356 Модель Explorer PRO рассчитана на двух человек, общий вес которых не превышает 120 кг. Лодка изготовлена из высокопрочного винила и ...

Проверка и расшифровка VIN Renault

На нашем сайте можно проверить историю пробега по VIN номеру и получить полную расшифровку комплектации по VIN любого автомобиля Renault.

Evoc EXPLORER PRO 26L 2018 - bikeroar.com

The EVOC EXPLORER PRO is a versatile bike touring backpack for unlimited bike adventures. With enough room for storage and dialed compartment management, everything you'd need on tour has its space, exactly where you need it.

Разболтовка дисков, таблица разболтовки …

Если вы решили произвести смену колес на своем автомобиле на новые литые диски или же просто планируете сезонную смену колес, то вам необходимо учесть такой параметр, как разболтовка дисков.

Rozetka.ua | Надувная лодка Intex Explorer Pro 200 (58356). Цена ...

Автор рецензии: Дмитришин Олег - 632,00 грн. - В наличии<br />Надувная лодка Intex Explorer Pro 200 (58356) – купить на ➦ Rozetka.ua. ☎: ( 044) 537-02-22, 0-800-303-344. Оперативная доставка ✈ Гарантия качества ...

evoc EXPLORER PRO 26L - Bateman's Bicycle Company ...

The EVOC EXPLORER PRO is a versatile bike touring backpack for unlimited bike adventures. With enough room for storage and dialed compartment management, everything you'd need on tour has its... Toggle navigation

Как правильно измерить занятое место на диске …

Я уже сбился со счета, сколько раз видел в почте, форуме, комментариях блога, соцсетях и вообще где угодно примерно такую картинку с вопросом «Где остальные гигабайты?».

Portable Camping Boat [ Intex Explorer 200 ] - YouTube

13 Nov 2014 - 16 min - Uploaded by Science LTvPortable Camping Boat USA - http://amzn.to/111P1e7 ... If You Found My Videos Helpful, Help ...

Надувная лодка Explorer Pro 200 Set 196х102х33см с пластик ...

Intex 58357, Надувная лодка Explorer Pro 200 Set 196х102х33см с пластик. веслами и насосом, от 6лет покупайте в официальном магазине Intex.ru.

EVOC Explorer Pro 26L Backpack - bikingboundless.com

call us at 800-293-6914. my account. 0 my cart

Рюкзак evoc explorer pro 26l темно зеленый 26л - …

Рюкзак Explorer Pro разработан для катания на велосипеде, специальная конструкция предусматривает крепление шлема и отделение для велосипедных принадлежностей.

Официальный сайт

Pro Ford

+7 (900) 222-0-444 mail@pro-ford.com Санкт-Петербург. С 11:00 до 20:00 по будням Наши новости; Возврат товара

Модель государственного устройства в эпоху …

2 dni temu · Модель государственного устройства в эпоху глобализации (часть 2) Для нашей страны ...


2 019 591 просмотр 6 дней назад Автомобили – тема Рекомендованные видео Воспроизвести все

Explore 2 in 1 vaporizer mod kit for wax and dry herb 2600mah herbal electronic. Супермодель по-украински (Супермодель по …

ТВ-Шоу сериал Супермодель по-украински (Супермодель по-українськи) 1,2,3 сезоны все выпуски смотреть онлайн, или скачать через торрент бесплатно. Феноменальное реалити-шоу Супермодель по-украински, которое стартовало ...

Обзор и тест: Explorer 200 от INTEX, надувная лодка + весла + ...

5 May 2018 - 7 min - Uploaded by КладоваяНадувная двухместная лодка EXPLORER, грузоподъемностью до 95 кг, представляет идеальный вариант для рыбалки и прогулок по ...

Часы оригинал - купить швейцарские часы в …

Швейцарские часы - ценятся как одни из самых лучших наручных часов в мире. Если вы хотите продать или купить часы б/у в Москве, то часовой ломбард …

Надувная лодка Explorer Pro-200 196*102*33 см купить в Москве ...

1 890,00 ₽ - В наличии<br />Двухместная надувная лодка "Explorer PRO-200" ТМ Интекс (58356) производится по запатентованной технологии SUPER-TOUGH. Технология SUPER ...

Amazon.com : Intex Explorer 200, 2-Person Inflatable Boat Set with ...

Rating: 3.7 - 1,006 reviews<br />Amazon.com : Intex Explorer 200, 2-Person Inflatable Boat Set with French Oars and Mini Air Pump : Open Water Inflatable Rafts : Sports & Outdoors.


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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle — Википедия

Макдоннел-Дуглас F-15 «Игл» (англ. McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, в переводе — Орёл) — американский всепогодный истребитель четвёртого поколения. Разработка и опытно-конструкторские работы велись в ...

Evoc Explorer Pro 26L Pyöräilyreppu Heather ruby - Osta ...

For shorter torso lengths: The EVOC EXPLORER PRO 26L is the smaller brother of the 30L version: a versatile bike touring backpack for unlimited bike adventures. With enough room for storage and a dialed compartment management everything you'd need on tour

Футболка с черепом— Metal Machine

Футболка Exploted ₽ 1250 Принт на футболке Эксплоитед выполнен в стиле рисунков по памяти в старой школьной тетради.

Трэш футболка Леонид Агутин - Metal Machine

Мы находимся в 2-х километрах от МКАД, между Сколковским и Боровским шоссе. Заезд на территорию через шлагбаум, по звонку. Посмотрите схему проезда тут. Самые смелые могут до нас добраться ...

Главная страница Golver

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro-Home 1809 RS5 x86-x64 Ru WBF by Golver 11.2018 2DVD (32/64 bit) novemb-upd. 30.11.2018 Описание: 4 операционных ...

Интернет-магазин Tuning-Jeep.Ru - Тюнинг и …

Широкий выбор обвеса и аксессуаров для тюнинга внедорожников и кроссоверов. Низкие цены.

Exmor — Википедия

Exmor это название технологии фирмы Sony, реализованной на некоторых из КМОП фотоматрицах.

Тест лодки Intex Explorer 200 - YouTube

21 Mar 2016 - 4 min - Uploaded by Andrey DudkoТест лодки Intex Explorer 200. Andrey Dudko. Loading. ... Но за наглядность 5 +! Чисто поплавать в реке ...

Отзывы о Надувная лодка Intex Explorer 200 - Отзовик

Rating: 4.2 - 6 reviews<br />Надувная лодка Intex Explorer 200 - отзывы. Рекомендуют 83%. Отзыв о Надувная лодка Intex Explorer 200. Эффективность. Качество. Удобство.

Светящиеся наушники (модель EL) купить по …

Светящиеся наушники (модель el) – наушники-гарнитура с микрофоном, эффектно светящиеся в темноте.

Интернет-банк Pro для корпоративных …

Система интернет-банка pro от банка УБРиР для юридических лиц корпоративных клиентов

тестирование лодки explorer 200, или "больше устали, чем ...

30 Jul 2017 - 9 min - Uploaded by Анна Ярковамой первый влог о том, как мы съездили на Беловское водохранилище, чтобы опробовать лодку. так себе оказалась.

Надувная лодка Intex Explorer Pro 200 Set 58357 купить недорого ...

От 60,43 BYN до 129,00 BYN - В наличии<br />У нас %скидки до 30% и выгодные цены 2019 года. Характеристики Надувная лодка Intex Explorer Pro 200 Set 58357. Фото. Доставка по Минску, Гомелю ...

Супермодель по-украински (Супермодель по …

ТВ-Шоу сериал Супермодель по-украински (Супермодель по-українськи) 1,2,3 сезоны все выпуски смотреть онлайн, или скачать через торрент бесплатно. Феноменальное реалити-шоу Супермодель по-украински, которое стартовало ...

Повязка эластичный голеностопный сустав …

Купить Повязка эластичный голеностопный сустав модель 104 размер 1 (S/M) во всех крупных городах Украины. Заказывайте сейчас. Бесплатный ☎ 22-44. Call-Back ... (2) L/XL Состав: хлопок 72%, полиамид 11%, латекс 17%

Приложение / КонсультантПлюс

2. Пункт 2 после слов "по расходу смазочных материалов" дополнить словами "и специальных жидкостей".

Купить Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-200 Set (58330) по ...

Rating: 4.5 - 8 votes - RUR 703.00 to RUR 1,296.00<br />Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-200 Set (58330) — купить сегодня c доставкой и гарантией по выгодной цене. 8 предложений в проверенных магазинах.

EVOC Explorer Pro 26L Ryggsekk Gull, 26L - …

Perfekt for lange og korte turer Explorer Pro er en allsidig sykkelsekk for lengre turer som krever mer av utstyret en det den tradisjonelle sykkelse...

Android » PS Мир смартфонов - prosmart.by

Мгновенный обмен сообщениями, простой, быстрый, безопасный и синхронизируются на всех ваших

Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-Pro 200 Set (58357) - Яндекс.Маркет

Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-Pro 200 Set (58357) — купить сегодня c доставкой и гарантией по выгодной цене. Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-Pro 200 ...

Кобура Stich Profi наплечная горизонтальная …

Кобура Stich Profi наплечная горизонтальная для Гроза 2 модель №21 Расположение: Левша по отличной цене с доставкой по Москве и во все регионы России. Звоните!

Купить Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-Pro 200 Set (58356) по ...

Надувная лодка Intex Explorer-Pro 200 Set (58356) — купить сегодня c доставкой и гарантией по выгодной цене. 6 предложений в проверенных ...

Google Chrome не запускается на Windows 10 - …

13/09/2016 · 3. Откроется новое окно. Введите в адресную строку одну из приведенных ниже команд (в зависимости от вашей операционной системы).

Топ модель по украински (2018) 2 сезон: …

Топ модель по украински 2 сезон смотреть онлайн. Узнайте первыми о том, как проходят испытания участников проекта Топ модель по украински 2018.

Скачать Easy Trace Pro

Скачать профессиональный векторизатор Easy Trace Pro. Бесплатная версия Easy Trace Pro 7.99. Руководство ...

evoc EXPLORER PRO 26L - www.holmescycling.com

The EVOC EXPLORER PRO is a versatile bike touring backpack for unlimited bike adventures. With enough room for storage and dialed compartment management, …

evoc EXPLORER PRO 26L - BOI - Bike Shop Indianapolis, IN

The EVOC EXPLORER PRO is a versatile bike touring backpack for unlimited bike adventures. With enough room for storage and dialed compartment management, everything you'd need on tour has its... Free Shipping on Orders Over $25 Within Continental USA

Скачать Оформление для Windows через торрент

Скачать Windows через торрент. Площадка - Pro-Windows.net создана для того, чтобы вы, уважаемые гости и ...

Internet Explorer 11 и 10 - скачать IE

Уже сейчас пользователи Windows 7 могут насладиться браузером Windows Internet Explorer 11 (32+64 bit) - с ...

Толстовка wearcraft premium унисекс printio …

Наименование товара: Толстовка Wearcraft Premium унисекс Printio Not your pappy’s popeye. Модель: Not your pappy’s popeye

Intex Explorer Pro 200 (Intex-58357) гребную лодку купить в Минске

От 72,00 BYN до 129,00 BYN - В наличии<br />Каталог Onliner - это удобный способ купить гребную лодку Intex Explorer Pro 200 (Intex-58357). Отзывы, сравнение ценовых предложений в Минске.

evoc EXPLORER PRO 26L - thebikeline.com

Brand: evoc, Product: EXPLORER PRO 26L The EVOC EXPLORER PRO is a versatile bike touring backpack for unlimited bike adventures. With enough room for storage and dialed compartment management, everything you'd need on tour has its...

Frank Berger Creating Competitive Advantage with Electronic Commerce

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: As electronic commerce is quickly increasing within some industries such as computers, software and retail banking the question arises whether and how insurance companies can profit too. This dissertation evaluates the impact of electronic commerce on the German insurance industry with the overall goal of creating competitive advantage. The dissertation proceeds by reviewing the literature for definitions and perspectives of electronic commerce, the suitability of electronic commerce for insurance products and services, the impact on existing business processes and value chains as well as the sources for creating competitive advantage within a mature insurance industry. Additionally, its organizational implications have also been examined. This dissertation contains fieldwork on the issues focused on in theory. Primary data was gathered using a questionnaire and a few interviews that were conducted with Chief Information Officers (CIO). The results of these activities were analysed and discussed by comparing them with both theory and experiences of other industries. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: Abstract1 1.Introduction2 1.1Objectives2 1.2Approach3 2.Hypothesis and Objectives4 3.The German insurance industry5 3.1Status quo5 3.2Future trends7 4.Literature review10 4.1E-Commerce - characteristics and perspectives10 4.2Insurance products and services in electronic commerce14 4.3Electronic commerce and the value chain17 4.4Competitive advantage20 4...

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Becky Cortino Christmas Herbs

Discover the history, significance and symbolism of herbs and greenery steeped in Christmas tradition, while enjoying fresh, herbally-infused recipes, presented by herbal enthusiast Becky Cortino. Based on her most popular Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow programs, Becky's Herbal Inspirations encourage readers to find new meaning, joy, and wonder in the beauty Christmas herbs, greenery and decor add to celebrations,surrounding this season.

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Anon The Book of Herbs - Heath & Heathers herbs for the Preservation Health, Herb Beverages and Foods, Culinary Herbs, Simples Etc

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

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Evaluating Electronic Portfolios in Teacher Education (PB)

A volume in Research Methods in Educational TechnologySeries Editor Walter F. Heinecke, University of VirginiaWhile Research on the effectiveness of electronic portfolios for assessment and accreditation isemerging, many who are now using, or who are beginning to use, electronic portfolios are lookingto justify the cost and effort involved. The purposes of this volume are to create an in-depth portraitof ways in which electronic portfolios efforts can be evaluated effectively, and to provideexamples of e-folio evaluation in the form of case studies.The intention of these chapters is to serve as models for assessment and evaluation of electronicportfolios in teacher education, as well as to spark further investigations on this tool that isbecoming ubiquitous in so many SCDE's across the United States and abroad.

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Derick Niyonshima Staphylococcus aureus contamination levels in selected local herbal medicines sold Kampala, Uganda

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Medicine - Public Health, grade: 75.0, Makerere University, course: Biomedical Laboratory Technology, language: English, abstract: Herbal medicine use in Uganda and the world at large is at its peak because of the documented efficacy, effectiveness, cheap cost and less side effects. The estimates of herbal medicine users in the world is 80% and 60% in Uganda, yet with all this demand, less effort has been put to ensure that they are free from bacterial contamination. The study therefore aimed at determining Staphylococcus aureus contamination of selected liquid herbal medicines sold in Kampala, Uganda with the following specific objectives; to provide an update on the different local herbal medicines sold in Kampala, Uganda and the conditions they treat; to determine Staphylococcus aureus contamination levels of selected liquid local herbal medicines sold in Kampala, Uganda; and to establish the antibacterial susceptibility patterns of isolated Staphylococcus aureus. A questionnaire was used to collect data on the different local herbal medicines sold in Kampala, Uganda. To determine levels of Staphylococcus aureus contamination, microbial culture was performed on 30 selected liquid herbal medicine samples. In addition Staphylococcus aureus susceptibility patterns were determined by subjecting isolated Staphylococcus aureus species to gentamicin 10μg, chloramphenicol 30 30μg ampicillin 10μg, penicillin 10U and tetracycline 30μ...

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Sabu Thomas Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding. Fundamentals, Properties, and Applications

A comprehensive review of the field of materials that shield people and sensitive electronic devices from electromagnetic fields Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding offers a thorough review of the most recent advances in the processing and characterization of the electromagnetic shielding materials. In this groundbreaking book, the authors—noted experts in the field—discuss the fundamentals of shielding theory as well as the practice of electromagnetic field measuring techniques and systems. They also explore applications of shielding materials used as absorbers of electromagnetic radiation, or as magnetic shields and explore coverage of new advanced materials for EMI shielding in aerospace applications. In addition, the text contains methods of preparation and applicability of metal foams. This comprehensive text examines the influence of technology on the micro-and macrostructure of polymers enabling their use in screening technology, technologies of shielding materials based on textiles, and analyses of its effectiveness in screening. The book also details the method of producing nanowires and their applications in EM shielding. This important resource: Explores the burgeoning market of electromagnetic shielding materials as we create, depend upon, and are exposed to more electronic devices than ever Addresses the most comprehensive issues relating to electromagnetic fields Contains information on the manufacturing, characterization methods, and properties of materials used to protect against them Discusses the important characterization techniques compared with one another, thus allowing scientists to select the best approach to a problem Written for materials scientists, electrical and electronics engineers, physicists, and industrial researchers, Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding explores all aspects in the area of electromagnetic shielding materials and examines the current state-of-the-art and new challenges in this rapidly growing area.

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Zhang Bo Sneak Circuits of Power Electronic Converters

The first treatment of advanced knowledge of electrical sneak circuits and its analysis method in power electronics The work on sneak circuit and its analysis methods for power converters contributes to the reliability of power electronic systems worldwide. Most books in the subject concentrate on electronic systems, but this book is perhaps the first to examine power electronic systems. It describes the sneak circuit phenomena in power converters, introduces some SCA methods for power electronic systems and proposes how to eliminate and make use of sneak circuits. The book is divided into three separate sections. Firstly, the sneak circuit paths and sneak circuit operating conditions are discussed in different kinds of power converters, including resonant switched capacitor converters, basic DC-DC converters, soft-switching converters and Z-source converters; Secondly, the sneak circuit analysis guidelines for power converters based on generalized matrix, adjacency matrix and Boolean matrix are presented respectively; Thirdly, the sneak circuit elimination techniques are introduced and verified in several power converters, with applications of sneak circuits described in conclusion. Written by a lead author with extensive academic and industrial experience, the book provides a complete introduction and reference to students and professionals alike. Contents include: Fundamental Concepts, SCA of Resonant Switched Capacitor Converters, SC of DC-DC Converters, SC Analysis Method (including Boolian Matrix), and Applications of SC in Power Converters. Highlights the advanced research works in the sneak circuit analysis, by a leading author in the field Original in its treatment of power electronics converters; most other books concentrating on electronics systems, and aimed at both introductory and advanced levels Offers guidelines for industry professionals involved in the design of power electronic systems, enabling early detection of potential problems Essential reading for Graduate students in Electrical Engineering: Engineers and Researchers in Power Electronics

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Robert Smallwood F. Managing Electronic Records. Methods, Best Practices, and Technologies

The ultimate guide to electronic records management, featuring a collaboration of expert practitioners including over 400 cited references documenting todays global trends, standards, and best practices Nearly all business records created today are electronic, and are increasing in number at breathtaking rates, yet most organizations do not have the policies and technologies in place to effectively organize, search, protect, preserve, and produce these records. Authored by an internationally recognized expert on e-records in collaboration with leading subject matter experts worldwide, this authoritative text addresses the widest range of in-depth e-records topics available in a single volume. Using guidance from information governance (IG) principles, the book covers methods and best practices for everything from new e-records inventorying techniques and retention schedule development, to taxonomy design, business process improvement, managing vital records, and long term digital preservation. It goes further to include international standards and metadata considerations and then on to proven project planning, system procurement, and implementation methodologies. Managing Electronic Records is filled with current, critical information on e-records management methods, emerging best practices, and key technologies. Thoroughly introduces the fundamentals of electronic records management Explains the use of ARMAs Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP®) Distills e-records best practices for email, social media, and cloud computing Reveals the latest techniques for e-records inventorying and retention scheduling Covers MS SharePoint governance planning for e-records including policy guidelines Demonstrates how to optimally apply business process improvement techniques Makes clear how to implement e-document security strategies and technologies Fully presents and discusses long term digital preservation strategies and standards Managing e-records is a critical area, especially for those organizations faced with increasing regulatory compliance requirements, greater litigation demands, and tightened internal governance. Timely and relevant, Managing Electronic Records reveals step-by-step guidance for organizing, managing, protecting, and preserving electronic records.

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Joffe Elya B. Grounds for Grounding. A Circuit to System Handbook

Grounding design and installation is critical for the safety and performance of any electrical or electronic system. Blending theory and practice, this is the first book to provide a thorough approach to grounding from circuit to system. It covers: grounding for safety aspects in facilities, lightning, and NEMP; grounding in printed circuit board, cable shields, and enclosure grounding; and applications in fixed and mobile facilities on land, at sea, and in air. It?s an indispensable resource for electrical and electronic engineers concerned with the design of electronic circuits and systems.

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Luciana C. De Oliveira Teacher Education for Social Justice. Perspectives and Lessons Learned

A group of multiethnic scholars and practitioner researchers explore concepts ofteaching for social justice and preparing teachers to work towards social justice inschools and communities. The objectives of this book are to 1. present differentperspectives on the preparation of teachers for social justice work; 2. contribute tothe existing literature on social justice; 3. provide pedagogical implications andsuggestions for teacher education programs that want to incorporate social justiceinto their preparation courses. This volume is intended for an audience ofresearchers in education and students in advanced undergraduate and graduatecourses.

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Rex Miller Audel Machine Shop Tools and Operations

Make your shop safe and smart If youre a machinist or a student of the trade, this second volume in Audels machine shop library offers concise, to-the-point coverage of everything you need to know. Youll find definitions of all the shop tools; guidelines for set-up, safe operation, maintenance, and repair; illustrations and diagrams; review questions for students, and much more. Expect it to become one of your most-used tools. * Master all types of saws, drills, lathes, milling machinery, metal-finishing machines, and more * Learn safe operating procedures for cutting tools and the best ways to mount work in the machines * Find current details on new machines with electronic/digital controls * Understand how ultrasonics are used in metalworking * Explore information on machine shop robotics and electronics * Discover valuable tips for hobbyists, woodworkers, and home-shop owners

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Julia Todorova Electronic commerce as an instrument of international business activity

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The object of research is electronic commerce as an instrument of new economy which has gained a foothold in the western business practice and is developing in Ukraine at a furious pace. The subject of the research is organizational, structural and functional development of e-commerce. The purpose of the thesis is, basing on the analysis of current state of electronic commerce in the world and Ukraine, to estimate the its prospects for doing business internationally and to develop recommendations for a Ukrainian company „X” which considers the possibility of introducing e-commerce business models into its business practice. The information data of the thesis are based on official statistical reports, current web-archives of research and statistical Internet-companies, national Boards of Statistics, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, publications on e-business and e-commerce issues, economic literature from the funds of the scientific library of Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany). The thesis applies the method of scientific abstractions, cause-effect and functional analysis to understand the mechanism of electronic commerce and its place within the electronic business framework; comparative statistical analysis to study the state of the art in the electronic commerce in the world and in Ukraine, SWOT-analysis to define the strategic potential of electronic commerce; economic-mathematical simulation to estimate the effic...

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Sultan Albareghi Using a bilingual electronic dictionary to improve vocabulary learning for secondary school students of English as foreign language (EFL)

Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2015 in the subject English - Pedagogy, Didactics, Literature Studies, , language: English, abstract: The aim of this evidence-based study is to investigate the use of the bilingual electronic dictionary strategy to improve EFL/ESL secondary school students` vocabulary learning. Three aspects have been studied in depth: the effect of using the electronic bilingual dictionary strategy on improving EFL students' vocabulary learning, the attitudes of the students and the teachers towards the target strategy, and the students` ability to use the bilingual electronic dictionary. The findings of this study indicate that the bilingual electronic dictionary has a positive and an effective role in the process of vocabulary learning. Moreover, the students show positive attitudes towards using the bilingual electronic dictionary. Nevertheless, instructors may show negative attitudes towards the target strategy for certain reasons . The analysis of data further revealed that the critical point that affects the evaluation of the target strategy is the ability to use the electronic dictionary. If the students and teachers are not able to use the bilingual electronic dictionary, they may show negative attitudes towards it and the strategy will then be useless. Thus, the study suggests some recommendations for using the target strategy effectively for EFL/ESL secondary students vocabulary learning and overall lexical acquisition.

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Dermalogica Skin Kit Normal Dry - Набор для нормальной и сухой кожи, 1 шт

Sendek Herb Gen Y Now. Millennials and the Evolution of Leadership

Strategies for managing the real Generation Y A new generation of workers is forcing employers to rethink the workplace. Generation Y, or Millennials, bring new ideas, innovation, and energy as they enter the workforce AND their expectations and demands are unique. In Gen Y Now, top team leadership gurus Buddy Hobart and Herb Sendek explore all the myths about this up and coming generation and show you how Millennials can be your most creative, motivated, and loyal employees. This book goes from demographic research to concrete practice, explaining that Generation Y is more than weve been led to believe. They value authenticity, flexibility, and recognition. Using the strategies in Gen Y Now, you can hire and retain these demanding workers, and the payoffs could be huge. Keep up with current trends and technologies to move your organization into the future Attract the best young talent in preparation for the mass retirement of Baby Boomers and Gen X Understand how demographic trends impact the way your intergenerational teams think Inspire motivation in Millennial employees, reducing dissatisfaction and turnover costs There are 80 million Millennials, and they are transforming the modern workforce. Your organization stands to gain from Gen Y employee engagement—if you know how to achieve it. Gen Y Now contains the leadership strategies you need to manage and motivate the Millennial generation.

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